Tiffany & Co. Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups

A key part of our diversity and inclusion philosophy is celebrating and championing our employees to ensure they feel seen, heard and valued. In 2019, Tiffany & Co. launched Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), voluntary employee-led groups formed around aligned interests that provide employees the opportunity to engage more deeply, learn from one another and share new ideas openly to influence the business. To start, our ERGs will center on four focus areas: Women, LGBTQ, Multicultural and Life Stages (beginning with a group for working parents). We are excited to develop this new program, and we believe it will allow employees to forge authentic connections with one another, the business and our customers.    

Tiffany Academy

Since 2015, the Tiffany Academy for Excellence and Diversity in Retail Leadership has offered high-potential early- to mid-career professionals the opportunity to build rewarding careers. We designed this program to help elevate our hiring and training initiatives. Each year, we convene a diverse class of aspiring retail leaders and provide them with rotations in retail management and corporate functions, such as merchandising and marketing. We pair this intensive, hands-on work with leadership development and mentoring, cross-functional networking and the opportunity to participate in business-critical projects. 

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Academy
Tiffany & Co. Employee Survey

Employee Survey

Nurturing an ongoing, open dialogue with our employees is an integral part of our collaborative culture at Tiffany & Co. In addition to our regular formal and informal touchpoints to gather employee feedback, we conduct a global Employee Survey every two years to identify our successes and areas for improvement. In our 2018 survey, we were pleased to learn that 91% of our employees reported that they feel a sense of pride in working for Tiffany, and 83% of our workforce feels engaged at work. We are actively working on career growth and development, leadership communication and collaboration to drive innovation based on the results of the 2018 survey. To complement our global survey, we continue to look for more timely opportunities to gauge the pulse of our employee base.    

Occupational Safety Standards

We have a Company-wide commitment to the health and safety of our employees and our customers. In 2018, we developed comprehensive new Occupational Safety and Environmental Management Standards to guide our progress. These Standards set baseline expectations for performance, including standards for workplace safety, waste management and environmental compliance in our retail, corporate, distribution and manufacturing facilities. In regions where local requirements are less rigorous than these Standards, we hold our workplaces to the higher standard. These new Standards will help us better define our safety and environmental management objectives, clarify our approach, provide a common basis for program development and promote effective internal coordination.    

Tiffany & Co. Occupational Safety Standards
Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Cares

Tiffany Cares

We created our Tiffany Cares program to enable our U.S. workforce to take the lead in supporting the causes they are most passionate about. Through the program, we match employees’ cash donations dollar-for-dollar, up to $1,000 per employee per year, including $100 to eligible nonprofits for each 10 hours of volunteer time employees contribute. Based on the program’s success in the U.S., we now offer Tiffany Cares to our employees in the U.K., Australia and Canada, and will continue to expand to our other locations.