Diversity & Inclusion

Our mission for Diversity and Inclusion is to fully leverage the power of our people to make Tiffany & Co. the most inclusive luxury brand. To achieve this mission, we are building our efforts around the three pillars of our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy: talent, culture and brand.

Attracting and Promoting Diverse Talent

Through our Talent pillar, we aim to expand our diverse workforce and other diversity and inclusion initiatives to deliver for our business, clients and communities. A key element is to analyze and evolve our talent systems and processes so they provide us the diverse perspectives we need to succeed and innovate. In 2020, we enhanced our talent acquisition process to further embed diversity and inclusion best practices and mitigate biases that create barriers for people of color in the talent pipeline. In 2020, we also continued to embed diversity and inclusion into our programs offered through our TiffanyU platform. A key focus area for our Company has been the rollout of an unconscious bias awareness e-learning course as part of new hire orientation and a virtually facilitated program focused on how to mitigate unconscious bias. Beginning in 2021, this session is offered in multiple languages.


Our Culture pillar is focused on building an inclusive workplace where employees feel all aspects of themselves are valued, and leaders demonstrate and model inclusive behaviors.

In our effort to build an inclusive workplace, we have focused on creating safe spaces and opportunities for meaningful and open conversations among our employees. We also continue to analyze and evolve our benefits and policies to meet the fast-changing needs of our workforce around the world. We regularly measure how employees feel at work, and in 2020, Tiffany’s employee-driven inclusion score was 80%, which increased 4% from 2018.


Through this pillar, we want to become the most inclusive luxury brand by implementing successful diversity and inclusion practices that grow our business. At Tiffany, this includes supporting diversity in our workplace and in our communities at large. We believe this will help us achieve our business results by expanding our impact and facilitating access to new ideas and perspectives.