Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check that my watch is still water resistant?

A system of seals ensures the water resistance of your watch. Such seals are placed under pressure constantly as well as being subjected to normal wear and tear. Periodic inspections of your watch’s water resistance allow one to determine whether the resistance is still adequate, and, if deemed necessary, to have the seals replaced. In normal conditions, you are recommended to have the water-resistance seals replaced once every two (2) years. (For quartz watches, this is usually the same length of time for battery replacement.) Standard maintenance includes the replacement of all seals and also of the battery (for quartz watches). If the watch worn is in frequent contact with water or regular sports activity, we recommend having the seals checked once a year. If your Tiffany water-resistant watch shows condensation under the glass, we advise you to immediately contact a Tiffany store, so as to proceed with a complete service. It is important to resolve this situation expeditiously in order to prevent damage to the watch’s components.